Nikola Stan
12. April, 2009, Belgrade, Serbia
Bee on a colored fence...
Nikola Stan
09. April, 2009, Belgrade, Serbia
Colored Girl, Music, Church





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kevinstadlbauer13: ?????!
dentdavi: Great Work Nikola!
stan.nikola: Thanks Dave, hope you come to visit this part of the Eart again some day, and of course bring your camera with you :) @Kevin: There was a contest on the subject "Color", so I was walking around with my camera and saw that children playground fence, I didn't even notice there was a bee, wasp or a fly (whatever it is), until I came home and went through the photos. It was probably drawn by the vivid colors.
Sestra Katarina: Imas oko za detalj!!! Al\' mene zanima samo - ko je devojka na drugoj fotki hm??? ; ) xxx